Field shelters and planning permission

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Field shelters and planning permission Empty Field shelters and planning permission

Post  JML on Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:42 pm

Does anyone know if or when shelters require planning permission? We have bought an acre of land that is classed as green belt and in a conservation area. I am told that being greenbelt no permission is needed to be sought to put llamas on it. However as it is not technically agricultural it may need planning for a shelter. I am waiting for an answer from the council which could take ages.

We bought about an acre of brambles! After much hard work we have now 2/3 acre of grass and a final 1/3 of an acre of brambles to clear. The land now looks like a neat pasture and not the rough area of land we bought but the planners may necessarily take this on board that we have made the land look better.

I have cast my concrete slab (surely this doesnt require planning?) and intend to build a timber structure, sympathetically hidden from sight by some trees, about 4 x 3m in plan and 2.5m high. I have heard an urban myth (?) that if the shelter is bolted to the slab (as it will be) it could be deemed as not permanent and therefore not require planning. But could be as I say a myth?

Is there a rule on size (in either area or volume)? Is it a national rule or local rule (we live in the borough of Kirklees in West Yorkshire). As ever any suggestions would be smashing.


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Field shelters and planning permission Empty Field shelters

Post  REGISTRAR on Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:43 am

My advice is to telephone your Council. We had to have planning permission to lay a concrete base and put a stable on it. However, we did not need planning permission for shelters with only three sides and no floor. They are just bolted to posts dug into the ground. As you are in greenbelt, you may even need permission to put up fences creating paddocks. You may be able to get a lot of information of your Borough Council website
(Registrar - and Solicitor !)


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Field shelters and planning permission Empty Field Shelters

Post  Tim Crowfoot on Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:50 pm

I think you will find that you do need planning permission to put up what sounds from your description like a permanent shelter. However in most cases you can put up a movable field shelter without planning permission. Many stable manufacturers offer these. Most are on galvanised steel skids and have a towing system at one end to allow a tractor or 4x4 to tow them about. They are actually better than a permanent fixture since you can move them into different fields as you move your animals about.

We have one and regulary move it and have had no problem with the planners. However the rules can be different area by area and if you are in a conservation area that might make a difference.

Hope this helps

Tim Crowfoot

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Field shelters and planning permission Empty Re: Field shelters and planning permission

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