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Temporary/Portable Field Shelters Empty Temporary/Portable Field Shelters

Post  r.cox on Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:48 am

Does anyone have experience of llamas successfully making use of a portable ('tent like') field shelter?. There are an increasing number on the market said to be suitable for livestock (although usually mentions ponies and alpacas as opposed to llamas). I can see benefits in certain circumstances providing they are well ventilated, secured, suitable height etc. but still wonder if many would be brave enough to venture inside and shelter from inclement weather because of the noise, movement of walls, etc.


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Temporary/Portable Field Shelters Empty Re: Temporary/Portable Field Shelters

Post  Brookfieldllamas on Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:28 pm

Hi Richard,
When we moved to our current home and before we got a more permanant wooden shelter for our llamas I decided to buy a 'cheap and cheerful' party tent/gazebo for a temporary llama shelter as it was a very wet year and we felt they needed some sort of shelter, other than the trees. Typically, it took several hours to construct and the minute it was up the gales started! Together with horrendous rain. The llamas happily used the shelter though for the short time that it lasted- even though it was held together with baler twine,flapped and billowed often and even though reinforced with fence posts at each corner, could still be seen leaving the ground in high winds!Needless to say it did not last terribly long though and by spring we found that we seriously needed to replace it with something more substantial. But, I can honestly say that a bit of flapping and billowing did not put the llamas off at all!

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