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Post  Sandbank on Thu Sep 30, 2010 3:08 pm

I have four two year old llamas. All were head collar trained.One has never been to keen on the idea but since having been castrated ,now flatly refuses to have anything to do with the head collar .He will allow me to put the lead rope around his neck and groom him this way. Would it be acceptable to attach an easy clip on dog collar neckband to his neck ? thus enabling me to attach a lead rope .Has anyone tried this idea ?.


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Post  Brookfieldllamas on Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:18 pm

Hi, personally I would stick to a loose lead rope around his neck as trying to lead with a neck collar could be a recipe for disaster, especially if he gets frightened or decides to run off or back to the other llamas.
All his strength is in his neck with his whole bodyweight behind him, which would be impossible to hold and could lead to accident or injury, if not to the holder then to the llama himself as he runs around the field with a rope attached to his neck.
Using a headcollar I can hold a llama (100-200kg) or a horse (500kg) but without a headcollar I cannot even hold my Great Dane Dog (65kg) without tying myself to a fence or tree!
Perhaps use a loose lead rope around his neck to slowly get him used to the headcollar again. At least if he spooks or gets scared he can move away and the rope will just fall to the ground.
Hope this helps,

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