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Post  Lesley on Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:31 pm

I purchased 2 1/5 acres of agricultural land with the hope of starting my own llama/alpaca business breeding and trekking. To date I have built a large agricultural shed and put up high fencing. Before I purchase the llamas/alpacas I have visited the local Council regarding planning permission to live on the land (at present I live 10 miles away). My local Council have never had a request for living on land as a need due to llamas. They have asked us to produce a business plan and also a needs basis to live on the land. Has anyone gone down this route and been successul? Could anyone put me in the right direction of how I should approach this, or any case studies that anyone knows about would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Very Happy


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Post  mlonghurst on Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:32 am

Hi Lesley,

This is my own personal opinion, but with just 2 1/5 Acres available, you really do not have sufficient land to start a viable llama/alpaca breeding and trekking business. That amount of land may just about sustain a very small small trekking herd, but most certainly not a breeding herd. How many llamas/alpacas do you intend to keep on this land and how many llamas/alpacas do you intend breeding each year? With so little land available for grazing, when will you rest the land and avoide building up a massive worm burden?

Can one also assume that the property you wish to build will take away some of the 2 1/5 Acres and thus leave even less?

I am sorry of this may sound negative, but it is vital that you start looking at realistic herd numbers now as overstocking will just result in a lot of health problems developing amongst the llamas/alpacas. You say you have built a large agricultural shed, but surely this will only be used during winter, so where will you herd graze for the rest of the year? Have the breeders you have been talking to been giving you any advice on stocking densities per acre and have they seen the quality of the pasture you have purchased?

Kind Regards, Mike L


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