A couple of worming questions

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A couple of worming questions Empty A couple of worming questions

Post  JML on Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:08 pm

Still new to llamaing! Firstly are worming medicines licensed (so that they can only be administered by a vet) or can you buy them over the counter? I have also heard that you shouldnt worm a pregnant llama. We think our female may be pregnant but there is no way of telling visually. Any answers would be appreciated.


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A couple of worming questions Empty Re: A couple of worming questions

Post  Tim Crowfoot on Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:33 am

Worming medicines can be administered by you but because they are not licensed for llamas you will need to get them via your vet. (Few medicines are licensed for llamas simply becuase they have not been formally tested on them. Some are given in the feed (llamas may not eat it though), some are poured onto the back between the parted fibre, some are injected and some given as a drench. Ask your vet for his advice about the best method for you. He can also arrange to get a feacal egg count done. In this case you get a kit from the surgery and you collect some fresh dung and post it off to them. They do some tests to count the number of worm eggs in the dung and if low you take no action, if high then they will recommend the right medicine.

You can even do injections yourself with a little practice since these are done subcutaneously. You lift a bit of skin at the shoulder, stick the needle in just below the skin and inject. It can all be done very quickly but the llama is best restrained in a shute or behind a gate since they can start when the needle goes in. We do this with ours and I stick the needle in while my wife feeds a small treat at the front, all while the llama is behind a gate. DO NOT put your hand between the bars of the gate in case the llama sits down catching your arm - ouch! Reach over the top!

Tim Crowfoot

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